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Pokemon PokemonSeason 19, Episode 19Master Class is in Session!09:30 AM / Cartoon Network
Cops CopsSeason 29, Episode 4Mixed Emotions08:00 PM / FOX
Uncle Grandpa Uncle GrandpaSeason 3, Episode 23Dinosaur Day08:00 PM / Cartoon Network
Outlander OutlanderSeason 2, Episode 12The Hail Mary09:00 PM / Starz
Tiny House Nation Tiny House NationSeason 4, Episode 13204 Sq. Ft. Mountaineer’s Dream Home09:00 PM / fyi
Bella and the Bulldogs Bella and the BulldogsSeason 2, Episode 20Biggest. Game. Ever.09:00 PM / Nickelodeon
Love Island Love IslandSeason 2, Episode 27Episode 2709:00 PM / itv2
Casualty CasualtySeason 30, Episode 39History Repeating09:00 PM / BBC-1
The Thundermans The ThundermansSeason 3, Episode 17Chutes and Splatters09:00 PM / Nickelodeo
Big Brother UK Big Brother UKSeason 17, Episode 20Day 1809:30 PM / Channel 5
Hell on Wheels Hell on WheelsSeason 5, Episode 1061 Degrees10:00 PM / AMC
The American West The American WestSeason 1, Episode 3Blood and Gold10:00 PM / AMC
The Vanilla Ice Project The Vanilla Ice ProjectSeason 6, Episode 12Bringing Down the Roof10:00 PM / DIY Network