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Pokemon PokemonSeason 19, Episode 24Making Friends and Influencing Villains!09:30 AM / Cartoon Network
Cops CopsSeason 29, Episode 8Episode 808:00 PM / FOX
Tiny House Nation Tiny House NationSeason 4, Episode 17300 Sq. Ft. Poker Night House09:00 PM / fyi
The Thundermans The ThundermansSeason 3, Episode 21Robin Hood: Prince Of Pheebs09:00 PM / Nickelodeo
Ghost Adventures Ghost AdventuresSeason 12, Episode 12Stardust Ranch09:00 PM / Travel Channel
Rush Hour (2016) Rush Hour (2016)Season 1, Episode 10Knock, Knock…House Creeping!10:00 PM / CBS
The American West The American WestSeason 1, Episode 8The Last Vendetta10:00 PM / AMC