September 20, 2016 By IGN TV News

Gotham : S3 : E1

At this point, at the start of its third season, you kind of just have to embrace Gotham's desperate madness. It's not a great show -- hell, at times it's not even a good show -- but by the end of its first year it had already figured out what it was going to be. And that show was not going to be a thoughtful look at Gotham's police force and criminal underworld in the decade plus before Batman arrives on the scene to clean up the streets. It was to be a madcap, go-for-broke coloring book filled to the brim with everything from Easter Eggs to full-fledged Batman-verse characters so that the series could be as close as possible to a Batman show regardless as to whether or not it made sense. You need to accept this to enjoy-slash-tolerate Gotham. The train left the sanity (and quality) station long ago and now it's pretty much just the Dark Knight Rogue's Gallery. This season's batch of episodes comes with the tagline "Mad City," as if somehow Theo Galavan, the Maniax, Theo resurrected as Azrael, and all the rest of Season 2 hadn't even scratched the surface of how insane this show was willing to go. Read More