Gotham Season 3 Details; Mad Hatter & More Villains Confirmed

September 19, 2016 By ScreenRant TV News

Gotham : S3 : E1

Gotham will finish its season 2 descent into madness with the finale episode tonight, titled ‘Transference’. Whereas the first half of Gotham‘s second season focused on Theo (James Frain) and Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas), as well as the larger Order of St. Dumas’ vengeance-fueled quest to kill Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and ‘cleanse’ Gotham, the second half of this season has revealed that there are more insidious forces in the eponymous city than secret religious orders seeking to settle centuries-old grudges. The mastermind behind the machinations of recent episodes has been that of Dr. Hugo Strange (BD Wong): the head honcho at Arkham Asylum, who has been resurrecting such villains as Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Theo Galavan as the deadly Azrael in his spare time, via his Indian Hill facility. Read More