Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Is Alex the New Meredith?

September 22, 2016 By ET Online TV News

Grey's Anatomy : S13 : E1

Poor Alex Karev. Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy hasn't even premiered yet, and we already know it's going to be a rough one for the talented pediatrics surgeon played to gruff, but lovable perfection over the past 12 years by Justin Chambers. After all, you can't just attack a colleague and beat them to within an inch of their live over one hell of a misunderstanding regarding your girlfriend and expect there to be no consequences. That's just not how Shonda Rhimes' world works. (Same holds true for the real world, too.) For once, there's the very real possibility that the season's greatest target for tragedy won't be Ms. Rhimes' usual victim and the show's namesake, but her bestie. Could Alex be the new Meredith? Read More