Lucifer season 2, Amazon Prime, review: a wickedly bonkers run-in with the mother from Hell

September 20, 2016 By Telegraph TV News

Lucifer : S2 : E1

Lucifer is a crime procedural with a wickedly bonkers twist. Satan has swapped hell for present day Los Angeles and a new career as an amateur sleuth. It’s CSI meets Paradise Lost, with a super-sized helping of jokey self-awareness. Returning to Amazon Prime for a second season as the eponymous Lucifer Morningstar, Welsh-born former EastEnders actor Tom Ellis is a scenery-munching delight. He understands the show, adapted very loosely from a Neil Gaiman comic book, can work only by leaning in to the inherent absurdity of its premise. With an enthusiasm that is indeed devilish, Ellis waggles his eyebrows, delivers his lines with an almost-audible wink and nudge and generally carries on as if playing to the cheap-seats at a pantomime. Lucifer’s grand conceit is that, far from the embodiment of evil, Satan is merely a misunderstood rebel fed up with presiding over hell and keen to try something more interesting. Alas, as the series got underway, the Biblical bad boy’s new gig as consultant to LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) was going off the rails. He’d just received news that his estranged mother – a divine being of apparently infinite ghastliness – had escaped captivity in hell and was eager to bring her feud with her son to a bloody conclusion. Read More