Review: ‘This is Us’ is heartfelt (if sweet-toothed) family drama

September 20, 2016 By USA Today TV News

This Is Us : S1 : E1

This is us, with a bit too much sugar added. Let me hasten to add that NBC's This is Us (Tuesday, 10 ET/PT, moves to 9 on Oct. 11; *** out of four) is also one of the most promising new broadcast dramas. That’s a relatively low bar: Most of the other offerings will leave you feeling you’ve seen them before, and in the case of the many remakes, you have. But even if the season was crowded with great series, This is Us would stand out as a welcome and increasingly rare addition: a network drama about the lives we share and the ways we connect, without a medical, magical or criminal storytelling hook. This new series comes from Dan Fogelman, whose writing in movies such as Crazy Stupid Love and Tangled and TV series Galavant, The Neighbors and Fox's upcoming Pitch is marked by its uncynical embrace of sweetness and emotion. Set in Pittsburgh, the story follows three seemingly unconnected young adults who share a birthday (“The average human being," we're told, "shares his or her birthday with over 18 million people”) and a similarly young couple about to give birth. Read More