Scream Queens Star Taylor Lautner Reveals the Hardest Part About Playing TV’s Hot New MD

September 20, 2016 By Channel Guide Magazine TV News

Scream Queens (2015) : S2 : E1

When Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens returns to FOX, it’ll be bringing a shot of adrenaline — in the form of a few sexy, new, hot-shots — to Tuesday nights. Last season, Jamie Lee Curtis molded the minds of America’s youth as the dean of Wallace University; but now, she hopes to cure the ills of the American Heathcare system. “Jamie Lee’s character, Dean Munch, has purchased a hospital, and opened a hospital that is specifically for very rare conditions,” reveals Taylor Lautner, who has joined the cast along with fellow hunk John Stamos. “We have some interesting patients coming in and out every episode. Stamos’ character and I play the 2 head surgeons.” With Lautner and Stamos playing doctors, I can imagine people dying to get sick, and Lautner reveals that the weekly maladies create opportunities for him to play doctor on a few famous folks. He tells us that, “Every episode will have a different guest star that’s playing the patient coming in for that episode, and we’re trying to find some sort of cure for whatever they have.” Read More