‘Speechless’ TV Series Review: One of the Fall’s Best New Comedies

September 20, 2016 By Showbiz Junkies TV News

Speechless : S1 : E1

ABC’s Speechless is a new half-hour comedy that deserves to have people tuning in and talking about the show. One of the best cast new series of the fall 2016 primetime season, Speechless deftly avoids clichés and sentimentality in its focus on a quirky family that includes a teen with a disability. The family of five at the heart of the story, the DiMeos, each have their flaws and the pilot episode proves each family member will also have fully fleshed-out personalities and won’t just be cookie cutter stereotypes. Maya, played by Minnie Driver, is a mile-a-minute talker whose switch quickly flips from loving mom to dangerous momma bear at the mere possibility of a potential injustice involving her family, especially when it could involve her son with a disability. John Ross Bowie plays the ever-tolerant dad, Jimmy DiMeo; Mason Cook is the frequently embarrassed son, Ray; and Kyla Kenedy from The Walking Dead is Dylan, the daughter who doesn’t always get the attention she deserves. Micah Fowler takes on the role of J.J., a high school student with cerebral palsy. J.J. is non-verbal and uses an electronic device to communicate. He also uses a wheelchair to get around. However, Speechless breaks away from most television and film representations of a teen with a disability so don’t expect J.J. to be an angel with a heart-of-gold. J.J. is sarcastic, has a good sense of humor, and is occasionally a pain in the butt. In other words, he’s a typical teen. Read More