‘Train to Busan’ speeds away to box-office record in Malaysia

September 24, 2016 TV News

Train to Busan (2016)

Malaysians are still enthusiastically boarding the Train to Busan, some two weeks after it hit local cinemas. As of Sept 21, the zombie flick, which started screening in Malaysia on Sept 8, has netted RM20 million (S$6.6 million) in takings, making it the top South Korean film in Malaysia's box-office history. Tung Yow Kong, general manager of GSC Movies, which brought Train to Busan to Malaysia, said it had all the elements that appeal to audiences - horror, comedy and emotional scenes. "When I first watched it, I found it to be good. But I just didn't expect it to be so popular," said Tung. The thriller is set on a bullet train travelling from Seoul to Busan. On board are a variety of characters, including a workaholic and his daughter, a group of young baseball players, a couple expecting their first child and two elderly sisters. And there happens to be a passenger infected by a virus. Read More