Why The Walking Dead Fans Should Be Really Worried About Carol

September 20, 2016 By ComicBook TV News

The Walking Dead : S7 : E1

While The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer revealed that fan-favorite female bad-ass Carol Peletier has physically recovered from the wounds she experienced late in the show's sixth season, her mental state is posing the biggest threat heading into the upcoming episodes. The character has been on an emotional roller coaster since The Walking Dead began six years ago. She lost her husband, her daughter, her adoptive family of Lizzie and Mika, and all too many other people she has cared for and made sacrifices for. The summation of these losses is something which has made Carol lose her will to live (as she clearly stated while encouraging a Savior to kill her in the season finale). While talking to ComicBook.com recently, Melissa McBride subtly slipped in a comment about Carol's current mental state which, to comic book fans, is quite startling. "She's definitely got some healing to do in her mind and where she wants to be on this earth," McBride says, before adding, "or [if] she wants to stick around or what." If she wants to stick around?! Read More