Will ‘Once Upon a Time’ end after Season 6?

September 24, 2016 By Zap2it TV News

Once Upon A Time : S6 : E1

If you're hoping for an endless amount of fairytales on your TV, we've got some encouraging words for you from "Once Upon a Time" showrunners Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz about the future of the show. With so many of our favorite shows like "The Vampire Diaries," "Teen Wolf," and "Pretty Little Liars" planning their final seasons, we were beginning to get worried that "Once Upon a Time" might bid us farewell too. However, when asked if we should expect to see our favorite Storybrooke shenanigans come to an end anytime soon, Kitsis and Horowitz said we shouldn't prepare for the show to come to a close just yet. "We don't have an end date, but we have an end plan," Horowitz says. "We know how we want to end the show when the time comes." "I also think 'Once Upon a Time' is a show where Season 1 was different than Season 2 than Season 3, and we've reinvented it every year," Kitsis says. "For us, we're not planning on ending it right now, but we'll see what happens." Storybrooke has certainly seen changes time and time again over the years, and "Once Upon a Time" seems to have a never ending supply of new fairytales and Disney characters to draw from. They'll certainly never run out stories to tell or worlds to explore. Read More