90210 Season 1 Episode 2 – The Jet Set

Aired : Sep 2 2008 | 41 Views | 1 Link Submissions |

Watch 90210 season 1 episode 2 online for free. When the West Beverly High hallways are flooded with trash by the opponent schoolteam, Dixon tries to impress his peers and prove them he is not the “Principal’s kid” by destroying the other school’s cafeteria with 3 wild boars which belongs to Navid’s dad, a pornographic movie producer. However, Harry finds out and punishes Dixon, Ethan and Navid. Sparks fly between Annie and Ty, one of the leading actors in the musical as well as one of the richest people in school and Ty impresses Annie by flying her to San Francisco for dinner in his private jet, but she is grounded when Debbie finds out that she did not inform her about it. Meanwhile, Silver who is still upset with Naomi for gossiping about her father’s affair gets back at her by blogging about Ethan’s affair causing Naomi to lose her cool and slap Ethan for humiliating her. She decides to get back at him by making out with George. Adrianna bails at a movie audition due to increased pressure from her mom. Ryan asks Kelly out but finds out she has a four year old, Sammy, but she still intends to go out with him when Brenda Walsh, her old time friend helps her by babysitting. Harry and Debbie discuss about Harry’s illegitimate son and Tabitha has a car accident.