90210 Season 2 Episode 4 – The Porn King

Aired : Sep 29 2009 | 42 Views | 1 Link Submissions |

Watch 90210 season 2 episode 4 online for free. Annie’s new and confident mood changes when she finds out that Jasper Herman, the moody and antisocial nephew of the man she hit on prom night, goes to the same school as she does. Navid continues working at his news channel, The Blaze, and assigns Silver and Gia to interview Jasper for a news piece about his uncle whom was a student at West Beverly, and who left behind a $100,000 inheritance to the school. Jasper refuses to say anything. Meanwhile, Dixon and Sasha go away for the weekend as he continues to lie to her about his real age. But on the return trip, a flat tire leads to the discovery of a car trunk full of pornography which belongs to Navid’s father, and it leads to Dixon telling more lies to Sasha. Navid continues to grow insanely jealous over Adrianna’s friendship with Teddy, with whom she confides about her uncertainty with Navid. Elsewhere, Liam finds a way to get revenge on Jen to make her reveal the truth to Naomi about her seducing him that night of the prom party when he discovers that Jen scammed a fortune out of a French husband that she married for money.