First Dates Season 7 Episode 8 – Episode 8

Aired : Oct 10 2016 | 5 Views |

Watch First Dates season 7 episode 8 online for free. Will sparks fly when 38-year-old teacher and self-confessed cougar Marie returns to the restaurant for a date with 32-year-old lighting technician Adrian? Twenty-five-year-old sports enthusiast Stephanie is winning on the tennis court but losing at love. Her twin sister has a boyfriend and uber-competitive Stephanie needs a plus-one for a family wedding. Will it be a match made in heaven when she meets the equally competitive Stuart, a former rugby player turned city boy? Seventy-one-year-old Janet and 87-year-old former soldier George are both craving bedtime antics. Saucepot Janet wants a man with hair that she can run her fingers through in bed. They bond over their shared love of travel and even joke about jetting off to Venezuela together.