Sarah Beeny’s Four Rooms Season 1 Episode 5 – Episode 5

Air Date : Sep 19 2016 | 27 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Sarah Beeny’s Four Rooms season 1 episode 5 online for free. Sarah Beeny presents the new series of Four Rooms. Four high-profile dealers wait in four separate rooms, ready to spend their personal fortunes on diverse, head-turning collectables that members of the public hope to sell for a handsome profit. Sellers must decide when to sell their item for the most money, or when to walk out on an offer. And if they turn down an offer, there’s no going back. In this episode, Celia Sawyer, Raj Bisram, Alex Proud and David Sonnenthal lock horns over Kate Bush’s tour jacket and supersize samurai warrior statues, and get up close to some attractive ‘torso’ furniture. The dealers relive their youth when they see some comic artwork, and a rare retro planetarium projector receives some stratospheric reactions.