Supernatural Season 7 Episode 10 – Death’s Door

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Watch Supernatural season 7 episode 10 online for free. As Sam and Dean race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life. Supernatural season 7 episode 10 was directed by Robert Singer and written by Sera Gamble.

Below shows the preview clip of this mid season finale of Supernatural showing Bobby in the hospital after he had been shot by Dick’s bullet. Episode summary below, courtesy of

Bobby spends the majority of the episode in a coma, making his way through a network of his own memories, while a reaper follows him in an attempt to secure Bobby’s soul. Aided by a representation of his old friend Rufus, he learns that in order to break free of the dream state he must confront and relive his own worst experiences. It is revealed that shortly before he was forced to kill her, Bobby broke his wife’s heart by refusing to have children, motivated by a fear of becoming like his own abusive father. Bobby is determined to get a cryptic combination of numbers to Sam and Dean in the real world, and eventually confronts his memory of the night he, as a child, shot and killed his violent father. Telling the memory of his father that he ended up with two wonderful sons and that he did not allow the childhood abuse to ruin his life, he manages to emerge from his coma long enough to write the numbers on Sam’s hand, upon which his heart stops. Inside Bobby’s head, he relives one last memory of a night with Sam and Dean as the dream world around him fades away, and the reaper tells him to make a choice: to let his life go, or stay, and become a ghost. The reaper’s watch ticks ominously as the screen cuts to black.