Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 8 – Lunatic

Air Date : Jul 18 2011 | 88 Views | 5 Link Submissions | 3 comment(s)

Watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 8 online for free. The second full moon is approaching on Teen Wolf season 1 episode 8: Lunatic as the transformation of Scott is inevitable, Stiles will try to help him with this to prevent the possibility that Scott might kill someone. Specially that from the last episode that Alpha reveals the fact that he wants Scott to join her pack so by killing will surely qualify him for being one of them.

Meanwhile, Derek is on the run and he is still being hunted. In the human side, Jackson, in this situation huh!, flirts with Allison.

Can Scott still control himself and stop from the great possibilities of following his new nature and that is the wolf nature? Watch Teen Wolf (2011) episode 8 to see what will happen with this episode.