The Glee Project Season 1 Episode 4 – Dance Ability

Aired : 10th of July 2011 | Views: 21

The Glee Project Episode 4 - Dance Ability
Watch The Glee Project season 1 episode 4 online with an episode title of “Dance Ability” which air date is July 10th Sunday of 2011. After their vulnerabilities where tested on the last episode, this time it will be their skills and ability to dance. That’s right its not only singing that matters in the Glee competition but their grace and artistic form in dancing. Watch The Glee Project episode 4 and find out who will get a callback and who will go home.

The guest judge and mentor of the episode will be Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) and the music video that they will be making is U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.