Grey’s Anatomy Star Patrick Demsey and His Dog Problem

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Grey's Anatomy Star Patrick Demsey and His Dog ProblemPatrick Dempsey a star of Greys Anatomy is having a Dog problem. Because two of his dog are actualy and literaly biting each others neck. These two American Bulldog was addopted by Patrick Dempsey from the animal rescue in Texas. And according to our sources the dogs are oftenly biting each other and it made to such a point that they bite each others throat. So the Dempseys decided to put the dogs named Ginger and Daisy up for adoption on Ace of hearts Adopton website to find a person who are willing to adopt them and also to seperate the two dogs so that they would'nd be biting and end up killing each other.

We've also heard that either Ginger and Daisy (the dogs) are wanted to be kept by the Dempseys but they still listed both dogs so that the chances of adoption would be maximized. And hopefuly we have heard that there is someone who is willing to adopt Ginger but offcourse the deal is not yet closed or done. But if the deal with Ginger is done and Ginger will be adopted and be given a new good home and family, Daisy will surely stay with the Dempsey. The Dempesy are know to be a good home for homeless animals or they adopt animals with no home or families. They are also engaged in rescue operations for animals in short Dempsey is a animal lover organization.

And by the way, if you think that Patrick Dempsey here is just some typical cocky hot guy who just loves good looking girls! Let me tell you that He's not and that He and his family are like more closer in taking care of the animals in need and that Patrick is not any different from them. I don't know whether it's a good thing for you or not, but Ginger and Daisy here might actually have a happy ending.