Pacquiao has to Pay on April 12, Says Bradley

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bradley-on-pacquiao "Somebody's gotta pay and that will be Pacquiao on April 12th." said Bradley in a video interview with Fight Hype. (see video below). This is what the WBO welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley vowed, he wants and he will make the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao pay once they meet again inside the ring. The undefeated American said Pacquiao will be at the receiving end once he goes through another tough training camp for the rematch. "You go from that training camp from hell and worked so hard, somebody's gotta pay for the pain," he added. He is really eager to prove that the split decision happened on his win against Pacquiao back in 2012 is no fluke. He said the April 12 will be convincing. Regarding Team Pacquiao’s knockout prediction, all the American could say is "bring it." "I embrace it, that's what I want. I want the best Manny Pacquiao there is. He says he's gonna bring the pain, he's gonna knock me out. Everybody comes in with a plan... I just can't wait.", said Bradley Pacquiao vs Bradley II fight rematch will be happening at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12. If Pacquiao wins the title back, he might fight Juan Manuel Marquez again for the fifth time. It's either that or he faces Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a much anticipated mega bout. But if looks past Bradley, he might find himself in deep trouble. "I might not look like much, I may be little, I might now hit hard enough, but I always win," Bradley added.


    1. I agree! Specially if Bob Arum will get a honorable judges… if not then its the end of Pacquiao’s career and the rise of Bradley so later we can see Marquez vs Bradley 2!

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