Rob Lowe and Rashida Says Goodbye to Parks and Recreation

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Parks and RecreationTake it as the worst news you’ll ever hear but you definitely won’t see Chris and Ann in the upcoming episodes of Parks and Recreation. Stars Robb Lowe and Rashida Jones are now leaving and will no longer be part of the next season of Parks and Recreation.

Playing as a nurse named Ann Perkins, Rashida Jones has been part of the TV Series since the first season. Meanwhile, Lowe’s upbeat city manager Chris Traeger joined in Season 2. The two Parks and Recreation stars dated and formed a relationship while in the show and eventually broke up, but later on they still decided to try to conceive a child together.

The TV Network has given no comment for the reason why the two will leave the show all of a sudden. The duo’s leave will take effect on the 13th episode of the show, which will be likely during February sweeps. Considering their recent storylines, it's probable that Ann and Chris get pregnant and leave Pawnee together. Starting a family is a good reason after all.

"Parks and Recreation" faces quite a few changes when it premieres Sept. 26 with a special hour-long episode set in London. Chris Pratt is expected to miss a few episodes while filming "Guardians of the Galaxy." His character's wife, April (Aubrey Plaza), was accepted to veterinary school out of town. And fan favorite Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) will become a father. We’ll see changes in the show when Rob and Jones are already not around.


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