The “Scandal” Cast Members Talks About Their Wonderful Filming Moments

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I bet most of you are still staggering from the finale episode which was held last Thursday. All I can say is, “you are not alone” on that because even I was reeling on that part of the TV Series , of The “Scandal”. All of the fans of the show celebrated along with Scandal cast members Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and the entire cast as they grouped together during the finale night at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences while the gladiators couldn’t reveal a thing about what’s coming in the third season of the show.

While we wait for the next season of the show to come up, let us first join the cast as they try to remember all the wonderful memories they have shared and within the next few years that are yet to come.

The Scandal Cast Members

"I think the scene in Olivia's [Kerry Washington] apartment on the couch when I told her I choose her was my favorite," Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, said. "I was also directing that episode, so it was a challenge. I loved the whole time-lapse — that was really great."

Meanwhile, according to Bellamy Young who plays the role of first lady Mellie Grant, she said, "The giant monologue that Shonda [Rhimes] wrote saying, 'You aren't their father anymore,'”. She was referring to the episode "The Snake in the Garden." "To be able to be that complex — angry, sad, to love him, to hate him, to be jealous of him but want to take care of him — it was a dream as an actor."

Meanwhile, Joshua Malina (David Rosen) said, "My favorite scene personally was when I go back to my old office and I meet the guy who has my old job. I just had a page and a half of meaty and fantastic 'screw you' speech. It was great fun."