Walter White Dead on Breaking Bad Finale?

Last update: September 12, 2013 Headline   0 comment(s)

Walter WhiteThe previous episode of Breaking Bad which aired last Sunday night featured a moment which is about five seasons in the making and it was so shocking. Breaking Bad’s Postmortem episode featured a tense game of cat-and-mouse where Walt (role played by Bryan Cranston) tried to lure his former partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) out of hiding so that the men Walt hired to kill Jesse could do their work.

Little does Walt know that Jesse is actually working with Walt’s DEA agent brother-in-law Hank, who not only keeps Jesse from playing into Walt’s hands, but also concocts a brilliant scheme, and the best plan that he thought of was to use a cameraphone and some brains making Hank and Jesse trick walt into confessing a number of his crimes, including the revelation of the money’s location, that one that he buried in the desert not so long ago.

After Walt realizes that he's been had, he surprisingly surrenders, allowing Hank to (finally!) slap handcuffs on the great and powerful Heisenberg. But just as Hank begins to celebrate, the crew Walt hired to off Jesse shows up armed to the teeth. Despite Walt's protestations, the men open fire on Hank & Co. with a hail of bullets as the episode cuts to black.

We’ll find out what else is in store in this exciting TV series in the next and upcoming episodes.