The Sitter (2011)

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Another comedy film that you will surely enjoy to watch this upcoming holiday season is The Sitter, a comedy movie which follows a college student who was put into a deep suspension and was coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared to do such thing because he hated kids. For you to become a good babysitter, you must be very patient and you must know how to easily get the trust of the kids. You must also have that one-of-a-kind charisma that most kids are looking for in a baby sitter. In this film, you will surely encounter a different from the usual baby sitter because he is not that typical baby sitter that you will be getting. The Sitter is an upcoming comedy kids film which is set to hit in movie theaters on December 9th, 2011. Jonah Hill is going to star in this film as Noah Jaybird, the college student who turns into a baby sitter of the wild and eccentric kids next door - two boys and a wild eight year old girl. Noah was recently suspended from his college. Since he was living all alone with his mom, his mom got worried that he might get bored and do something which is not right while staying at home. When he is talked by her into babysitting the three, young, misfit kids next door, he decided to take them along on an attempted sexual rendezvous, and the night takes a wild and dangerous turn for the worse for which he is totally unprepared.
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20th Century Fox is proudly bringing you this comedy film in America which is directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jonah Jill, Ari Graynor, Miriam McDonald and many otehrs. The film is produced by Michael de Luca.