The Black Waters of Echo

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[caption id="attachment_2195" align="alignright" width="199" caption="The Black Waters of Echo's Pond"]The Black Waters of Echo's Pond[/caption] The Black Waters of Echo's Pond is a horror film of like an evil Jumnji movie where when you play the board game it will brings out the worst in a person such as jealousy, greed, hatred, lust and other dark things that you can think of. It will be bloody messy and rated as Rated R because of its violence (you already know that). The film is directed by Gabriel Bologna and written by Sean Clark. The movie stars Nick Mennell and the Goddess of Sexy, Danielle Harris, James Duval and Robert Patrick. Release date of this horror movie will be on April 9, 2010. Here's the official trailer of The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (HD):