Real Cause of Michael Jackson’s Death?

Last update: July 10, 2009 Celebrity News   0 comment(s)
michael-jacksons-deathThe question of every people in the world today is what is the real cause beyond Michael Jackson's Death. There's a lot of speculations and rumors that are currently spreading around. One side that the authorities that are looking right now is the possibility of the improper intake of a certain strong narcotic drug which causes Michael Jackson to suffer the cardiac arrest. Right now they are still waiting for the toxicology report to be finalized and after that they will make a conclusion out of it. The direction of the investigations of the king of pop's death is based on the result of this report. shows some of the several pictures of drugs raided from Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch of last 2002 and some RX prescription of some strong narcotic drugs to the late icon. Do you believe that there's a possibility that the late MJ died of drug overdose prescribed by his doctors? Is it possible that MJ was prescribed by these drugs intentionally? What do you think guys?


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