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24CHSeason 5, Episode 8Episode 806:30 PM / Réseau Des Sports
Power RangersSeason 24, Episode 1Return of the Prism07:00 PM / Nickelodeon
Let It ShineSeason 1, Episode 3Episode 307:00 PM / BBC One
RansomSeason 1, Episode 4TBA08:00 PM / CBS
CopsSeason 29, Episode 25Bikini Brawl08:00 PM / FOX
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & DawnSeason 3, Episode 3Keeping Up With The Quadashians08:30 PM / Nickelodeon
Star Wars RebelsSeason 3, Episode 14Trials of the Darksaber09:00 PM / Disney XD
Tiny House NationSeason 4, Episode 30600 Sq. Ft. Power-couple’s Retreat09:00 PM / fyi
The ThundermansSeason 4, Episode 5Better Off Wed09:00 PM / Nickelodeo
Welcome to Sweetie Pie'sSeason 7, Episode 8Irreconcilable Differences09:00 PM / OWN
MythBusters: The SearchSeason 1, Episode 3Shooting Blind09:00 PM / Science
The GuardiansSeason 1, Episode 3Stakeout10:00 PM / Animal Planet
Pit Bulls and ParoleesSeason 8, Episode 9TBA10:00 PM / Animal Planet
Queen BossSeason 1, Episode 2Episode 210:00 PM / BET