Another Sign That Fifty Shades Darker Could Be A Huge Box Office Hit

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Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

There's no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey (the book, as well as the 2015 film adaptation) captured the imaginations of men and women all around the world -- even if it was not a critical sensation. Now it's time to get a little bit darker. With less than a year to go until its sensual sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, hits theaters, people have once again taken to social media to start talking about everyone's favorite bondage-centric franchise. In fact, the social media buzz is so hot and steamy that it seems like an incredibly powerful indicator that Fifty Shades Darker could become a major box office hit. Based upon a new report from Deadline, it appears that Fifty Shades Darker has already become a major phenomenon online. After garnering a record 114 million trailer views online in its first 24 hours, the upcoming sequel has also become the most talked about movie on social media over the course of the last week. All told, it's estimated that the film has generated at least 172,000 conversations on social media to date. If this enthusiasm holds firm, then we can likely expect this buzz to translate to some serious cash flow when the film premieres in February. Of course, it's worth noting that intense social media buzz does not always translate to positive social media buzz. Although Suicide Squad became the most talked about superhero film of the summer on social media, it fell short of matching the big 2016 box office performances of Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. Getting people talking is one thing, but actually getting people into theater seats is a different situation entirely. Read More


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