‘Gotham’ Season 3, Episode 1 Review: Better To Reign In Hell

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Gotham : S3 : E1

Gotham returns Monday night to a “Mad City.” Hugo Strange’s escaped experiments roam the city streets, led by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith.) Like a bad penny, she just keeps turning up. That’s a bit of a shame, I have to admit. Smith’s Mooney was one of the weakest links in Gotham’s first season. When Penguin finally beats her—tossing her to her death in the river below—I suspected she’d reappear down the road. Without a body, you can never trust a death. Last season, when Strange (BD Wong) started reanimating the dead, that theory became more of a sure thing. Fish is back and she’s the ringleader of the new batch of monsters unleashed from Indian Hill during the Season 2 finale. She has her new power of suggestion, which works a bit like Kilgrave’s power in Jessica Jones, except that she has to touch someone for it to work. Fish Mooney with the power to get anyone to do anything she likes by touching them is a bit silly, but oh well. The rest of our cast of misfits, villains, and heroes-in-training have also returned. Read More