‘Scream Queens’ Premiere Recap: The Green Devil Takes Its First Victim

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Scream Queens (2015) : S2 : E1

They’re baaaa-ack. ‘Scream Queens’ returned on Sept. 20 and it all kicked off with a flashback of Halloween in 1985, where we met a pregnant woman just trying to save her husband. Good luck with that, lady. Unfortunately for her, doctor Jerry O’Connell (dressed as a green devil, duh!) and his friend, Laura Bell Bundy, were more annoyed they were pulled away from the party, than concerned with the sick man. So, they just killed him instead leaving the pregnant woman alone. So there’s that. Speaking of, in the present day (three years after last season), Dean Munsch is now a famous Doctor Dean Cathy Munsch ran the CURE institute, which she funded fully on her own to search for cures for the incurable diseases, you know like “werewolf disease.” Yes, that’s what one patient (Cecily Strong) came in with. We also met the new doctors — Dr. Cascade (Taylor Lautner) and Dr. Holt (John Stamos). Cascade “ran cold,” you know, the opposite of Taylor’s werewolf character in Twilight. (If he’s a vampire, count me out!) As for Dr. Holt, well he has a prothetic hand as he lost his in a Super Bowl party accident, then performed surgery separating the Hemsworth brothers. Yes, really. However, we later find out that that hand may just have a mind of its own. (Idle Hands anyone?) Read More