‘The Exorcist’ makes demons a frightening force again

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The Exorcist : S1 : E1

"The Exorcist," which premieres Friday, is the Fox network’s second series this season to be based on a 20th century film franchise. ("Legal Weapon" debuted Wednesday). It also doubles the number of current Fox shows with a demonic foundation, joining "Lucifer," in which the Devil runs a Hollywood nightclub and solves crimes. A different, more downbeat brand of devilry is afoot in "The Exorcist," which takes off from William Peter Blatty’s bestselling 1971 novel and director William Friedkin's 1973 film. It's not a remake; the events of the original are nodded to, historically, in a briefly seen newspaper clipping. And these characters have different names and particulars. But it mirrors Blatty’s basic structure. As in the book and the movie, there is a woman (Geena Davis) worried about a daughter (Brianne Howey) who has been sullen and strange, and a house full of thumps, noises and eeriness. And there are two priests, one older and battle-tested (Ben Daniels), the other young and uncertain (Alfonso Herrera), who will eventually join forces to investigate, perchance to exorcise. Read More