‘The Flash’ Season 3 Flashpoint Version of Caitlin Is … ‘Awesome’?

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The Flash (2014) : S3 : E1

Are you ready to enter the alternate universe of Flashpoint in "The Flash" Season 3? In the Season 2 finale, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) decided to go back in time to prevent the death of his mother. But as all "Back to the Future" fans know, messing with time comes with consequences. In this case, Barry created a Flashpoint timeline where almost everything is a little (or a lot) different from before. Candice Patton (Iris) told TVLine that Iris remains Barry's "constant" and "is very similar to all of the Irises you've ever seen, and that's something that we're trying to make clear on the show. No matter where Barry goes, what timeline, what Earth, Iris is his constant in the world. She's always the Iris that he loves." That is not the case with Caitlin in Flashpoint. Danielle Panabaker told Entertainment Weekly the Flashpoint version of Caitlin is "totally different." TVLine added an intriguing Caitlin tease, while dropping the bad news that Tom Cavanagh is absent in the premiere: Read More