‘Train To Busan 2’ Possible In 2017? Movie Prequel ‘Seoul Station’ Set For International Release

Last update: September 24, 2016 TV News   0 comment(s)

Train to Busan (2016)

While fans are waiting for a "Train to Busan 2" after the first movie's stellar succes, another railway zombie apocalypse film titled "Seoul Station" is slated for international release. The animated thriller depicts scenes before the events in the movie and is directed by "Train to Busan" director, Yeon Sang-ho. The one-and-a-half-hour "Train to Busan" animated prequel was initially released in Korea on Aug. 18, and will premiere in Singapore on Sept. 29 before its release in other countries. Another father-and-daughter duo like in the live-action film "Train to Busan" will be the center of the story in "Seoul Station." However, this time, the two are apart and Hye Sun's good-for-nothing boyfriend, Ki Woong is added to the mix. It follows the story of rebellious teenage girl Hye Sun who ran away from home and was living with Ki Woong, but after her boyfriend forced her to prostitution, she broke up with him and is now alone. Her father went out to look for her in the midst of the zombie outbreak. The three flee from zombies while looking for each other, do something considered by authorities as insurrection, and find a barrier separating humans from zombies heavily guarded by the army. Viewers have yet to know who among the three will survive. Read More