60 Minutes Season 48 Episode 32 – Strike-through | Fintech | The Children’s Village

Air Date : May 1 2016 | 62 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch 60 Minutes season 48 episode 32 online. Strike-through – A company accused of supplying faulty protective equipment to hospitals during the most recent Ebola outbreak also sold the equipment to the U.S. government’s Strategic National Stockpile for use in future outbreaks and emergencies.Fintech – Patrick and John Collison are among a vanguard of entrepreneurs trying to make the movement of money online as easy as sending photos or videos. The young founders of Stripe, a $5 billion payments startup, appear in a Lesley Stahl report on the burgeoning industry known as “Fintech,” which is challenging traditional financial institutions. The Children’s Village – India Howell fell in love with Tanzania after climbing its famed Mt. Kilimanjaro. This American woman then made a life for herself there that led to new lives for 94 children who now call her “mom.”

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