60 Minutes Season 48 Episode 7 – Into Dangerous Hands | The Collider | Hamilton

Air Date : Nov 8 2015 | 53 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Into Dangerous Hands – There are probably more people like NSA leaker Edward Snowden working right now with America’s secrets says a former deputy secretary of Defense. John Hamre tells Scott Pelley that the U.S. security clearance process — the one that green-lit Snowden as well as convicted spy Chelsea Manning and mass murderer Aaron Alexis — is obsolete. In fact, an internal government memo obtained by 60 Minutes warns the process could contain “systemic problems.The Collider – It’s already helped scientists find what some call the “God Particle.” What else will the Large Hadron Collider reveal as it begins work at nearly double the power?Hamilton – An unorthodox musical with a diverse cast about the life of Alexander Hamilton is creating waves on Broadway and beyond while it smashes box office records.

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