A Granny’s Guide to the Modern World Season 1 Episode 1 – Episode 1

Air Date : Aug 3 2016 | 69 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Modern Britain can be a confusing place if you’re old. What’s grime music? What’s a superfood and does it always have to taste awful? Why is it that if you say something’s ‘b****cks’ then that’s bad, but if you say it’s ‘the b****cks’ then that’s good? What’s the difference between Grindr and Tinder? And should you be doing either of them? Instead of shying away from these significant, hard-to-answer questions, Barry Humphries and a team of senior investigative reporters face them head-on, providing an outsider’s perspective on life in 2016 through a series of reports, hidden camera experiments and comedy sketches.

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