AFV Season 20 Episode 7 – A car alarm prank

Air Date : Nov 15 2009 | 67 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: With the first $100,000 prize of the season to be awarded, here are the videos in the running: “Hidden Honkers,” a car alarm prank; “U Don’t Know Uvulas,” a little girl with a smarty pants vocabulary; “Ballpark Promise,” a Dodger fan catching a ball; “Laser Chasers,” a Great Dane and a little boy chasing a laser pointer; “Soda Bottle Blowout,” a kid’s science experiment having explosive results; and “Boohoo in the Loo,” a little boy pitching a dramatic fit in the bathroom. Also: The year’s first at-home sweepstakes winner is announced, with the lucky winner awarded a 10-night Disney cruise to the Mediterranean.

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