AFV Season 25 Episode 22 – Failure is an Option, Dogs, and $100,000 Episode

Air Date : May 10 2015 | 51 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: On this season’s second $100,000 episode, nine finalists compete at the chance to walk away with the prize money. They include “What Would Cheez-Its Do?,” a girl tells her mother that she’s learned about “God and Cheez-Its,” accidentally mistaking the word Cheez-Its for Jesus; “A Giant Leap for Womankind,” a teen girl, post dental surgery, insists to her mother that they need to fill their spaceship with gas so she can be the first woman on the moon; “Fake-Sleeping Santa Fan,” a baby girl pretending to sleep so she won’t have to eat, jumps to attention when someone says “there’s Santa Claus;” “Oblivious Engagement,” a mom admires her daughter’s outfit, oblivious to the engagement ring on her finger; “Hilarious History Lesson,” a tot girl lists Christopher Columbus’s 3 ships, calling one “The Diarrhea;” “H2O NO-NO,” a baby boy reaches for a glass of water challenging his mother as she repeatedly says “no;” “Sister Celebrates Standing,” a young girl is filled with tears of joy when she catches her baby brother standing for the first time; “Bun in the Oven,” a woman finds a bun in her oven and after questioning why it’s in there soon realizes that it was her daughter’s way of telling her she’s pregnant; “Ice Bucket Breakdown,” a girl wanting to do the Ice Bucket Challenge tries to back out of it when she realizes it will mess up her hairdo.

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