AFV Season 26 Episode 11 – $100,000 Show, Dog Park, Second Guy Bites It

Air Date : Jan 10 2016 | 61 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Ten finalists compete for the first $100,000 prize of the season. The videos include “Can’t-Do-Karate Kid,” a kid who can’t break things and just can’t catch a break; “Car-Sick Sympathizer,” a nauseous boy sets off a chain reaction of “yuck”; “Brain Freeze Feline,” a cat realizes that brain freeze isn’t just for humans; “Oblivious Bun in the Oven,” a father-to-be just can’t take a hint; “Clown Face Flip Out,” a kid who’s not scared of clowns, but doesn’t want to look like one; “Kid’s Clipper Catastrophe,” a boy shows why 8-year-olds aren’t hair stylists; “Scare Ya Later Alligator,” a hot-blooded woman doesn’t want to hold a cold-blooded reptile; “Yes Man,” a man can’t spell, but he can take a joke; “Cough Drop Kid,” a child has a very short Christmas list; “Donkey Delights Lil’ Dude,” a certain animal makes a tot laugh a lot.

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