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Season 3

  • S3Ep8:   9/10/2012  

    Eliminated players return to vote on which of final two couples will advance to the final round for a chance to win $250,000 in the Season 3 finale.

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  • S3Ep7:   9/3/2012  

    This week offers two challenges - the first is a sudden death dangling competition in which competitors depend on their partners' knowledge of "Bachelor Pad" trivia to keep them from plummeting down into the pool. The second is a karaoke competition, played out in front of a crowd of 500 at a legendary Hollywood concert venue - with a very special surprise guest. The couple with the roses at the end get to decide whom to take with them to the finals, but their trust vanishes when they can't agree on whether to go with loyalty or strategy.

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  • S3Ep6:   8/27/2012  

    Contestants are on stage for their next challenge....A SPELLING BEE! The one-on-one dates are a romantic hoedown at a barn and a day exploring the beauty of the Islands.

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  • S3Ep5:   8/20/2012  

    Contestants stack teacups in a challenged titled

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  • S3Ep4:   8/13/2012  

    Awaiting the winners are the first 1-on-1 dates - one to play ball at Dodger Stadium, the other an action packed movie adventure in downtown LA. In the meantime, drama is high at the house, as girls start fighting over the men they're coupled with, both strategically and romantically.

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  • S3Ep3:   8/6/2012  

    The third challenge of the season will plunge the contestants up to their heads in "Hot Sludge Funday," an ice-cream themed obstacle course. Awaiting the winners are 3-on-1 dates to relive high school memories and to get shined up at Madame Tussaud's famous Hollywood wax museum. Back at the house, contestants will start coupling up romantically, including one fan who, after being spurned by the cast member of her dreams, will have better luck on the rebound.

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  • S3Ep2:   7/30/2012  

    The women will fail to find their groove while the men will try to make up for their lack of grace with sheer attitude. On a 3-on-1 date, a fan favorite will find unexpected sparks at a rock concert with a beautiful housemate. The other 3-on-1 date features a race for a woman's heart - in a soapbox derby! Back at the mansion, the pressure mounts on all the contestants, leading to a shocking pre-dawn decision.

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  • S3Ep1:   7/23/2012  

    Fifteen castoffs from

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Season 2

  • S2Ep6: The Final Challenge  9/12/2011  

    This is the season finale of Bachelor Pad season 2. In the episode, the final four couples have just 24 hours to master a Cirque du Soleil routine in Las Vegas that takes place on a wall some 100 feet in the air. The winning couple then get to choose the other couple that will join them in the finals. The Season 2 finale begins in Las Vegas, where the four remaining couples

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  • S2Ep5: Season 2 Episode 5  9/5/2011  

    The surviving contestants must team up and compete as couples, beginning with a Nearly Wed Game challenge, in which they are tested on how well they know each other.

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  • S2Ep4: Season 2, Episode 4  8/29/2011  

    The housemates plot against the power couple, while one of the new guys emerges as the least popular person in the pad. Also, everyone takes part in a kissing challenge to determine who has the best lips.

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  • S2Ep3: Season 2, Episode 3  8/22/2011  

    As the guys and gals face a synchronized-swimming challenge, Jake finds (and Kasey and Vienna lose) allies. Meanwhile, Melissa gets mad at Blake, and the formerly affianced Michael and Holly share what might be a defining moment in their relationship.

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  • S2Ep2: Season 2, Episode 2  8/15/2011  

    The next challenge for the guys and gals on the Bachelor Pad will be "Target on My Back" where the Gals throw paint-soaked balls at guys they want to thrown out of the Bachelor Pad and vise versa. This is when Kasey and Vienna target Jake. The losers face elimination while the winners go on three-on-one dates, either to a haunted hospital or a night on a yacht.

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  • S2Ep1: Season 2, Episode 1  8/8/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_10132" align="alignleft" width="187" caption="Bachelor Pad Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere"][/caption] Watch Bachelor Pad season 2 episode 1 on Monday as the 18 unforgettable characters from the "Bachelor" franchise return at the mansion to live together to compete for the $250,000 prize at stake and a possible 2nd chance at love. The series is hosted by Chris Harrison. The reality show starts as they move into the "Bachelor" mansion (Bachelor's Pad) to meet their fellow competitors on a night where Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will come face to face for the first time since their unforgettable primetime showdown. The first tasks that the Bachelor with the women will face and compete is the "Hook Up" where they will pair off into couples then should cling with each other over 10 feet high. They need to hang on to each other and the longest pair to stay on this will win this challenge and will be exempted from the elimination. At the end of the day, one man and one woman will be voted off. Find out who will take the lead on this new season of Bachelor Pad by watching Bachelor Pad season 2 episode 1 premiere on August 8, 2011.

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