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List of Basketball Wives episodes

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Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

  • S3Ep12: Reunion (Part 2)  8/22/2011   3

    As the Season 3 cast reunion continues, John Salley talks the ladies into dishing some more dirt.

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  • S3Ep11: Reunion (Part 1)  8/15/2011   1

    After the season finale, the wives of popular pro basketball stars will be in a reunion and this is the first part of the two part Basketball Wives season 3 special. John Salley will be the host for the said exciting reunion. Several topics will be discussed which includes the divorce of Jen and Eric and Meeka hoping to set the record straight on what REALLY went down this season between her and the cast.

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  • S3Ep10:   8/8/2011   2

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="147" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 10"][/caption] This is the season finale of Basketball Wives and as the dramatic end for the season 3 of the series comes, Evelyn and Shaunie catch Chad having lunch with another woman. Meanwhile, Things get wild at the divorce party of Jen when her date for the evening arrives that leads to an explosive confrontation that nobody saw it coming. The episode will be followed by two part Reunion episodes.

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  • S3Ep9:   8/1/2011   1

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="147" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 9"][/caption] In the episode, Royce is about to meet Eric in person which made Jen quite angry about it. Meanwhile, Chad takes Evelyn on a surprise outing and Al Reynolds sets Jen up on a blind date that shows quite great chemistry.

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  • S3Ep8:   7/25/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="147" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 7"][/caption] The ladies' trip to Italy explodes as Tami's feud with Meeka reaches the boiling point, and one member of the circle calls it quits over the drama - who that be? Check out the full replay of Basketball Wives season 3 episode 8 and watch how the Basketball Wives deal with their lives.

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  • S3Ep7:   7/18/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 7"][/caption]Next on the series, Basketball Wives season 3 episode 7 will surround with the radio interview with Jennifer putting Chad and Evelyn on blast which might ruin their friendship. Basketball Wives season 3 episode 7 recap to be pasted here.

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  • S3Ep6:   7/11/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 6"][/caption] Watch Basketball Wives season 3 episode 6 on July 11, 2011 Monday night. For full recap or episode summary, please refer to the text below. Shaunie makes plans for another international girls' vacation, but doesn't invite Royce. Well, its been two weeks since the last Basketball Wives episode and I guess ever followers of the reality show already missed the series so check out its air date and watch the full replay of Basketball Wives season 3 episode 6 online here at Telepisodes.

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  • S3Ep5:   6/27/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 5"][/caption] Watch Basketball Wives season 3 episode 5 which air date is June 27, 2011. Read the full recap of the episode for a glimpse of what to expect from the episode or just simply proceed to watch area to watch the full replay of the current episode. The majority of the ladies of the Basketball Wives took trips to New York. All trips were separate but they ended up getting together while they were up there. Evelyn went to bring her daughter to check out some colleges in the NYC and to visit family. She had an emotional reunion sort of with her father. She herself admitted that she had made bad choices in men because she did not have that father figure there... Source:

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  • S3Ep4:   6/20/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 3"][/caption]Basketball Wives return this week with Jen's curiosity and suspicions are piqued when Eric wants to take a meeting with Suzie. Also, more than mallets are swinging when Tami and Meeka get into it at an upscale polo event. Well more recap or summary of the episode later this week so watch Basketball Wives season 3 episode 4 on June 20 or after it via online replay for free.

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  • S3Ep3:   6/13/2011   

    [caption id="attachment_8030" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Basketball Wives season 3 episode 3"][/caption]Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 3 airs Monday night on June 13, 2011 at 10:30pm ET. The reality show continues with what the 2nd episode has left where old friends reunited and brings back old memories that also includes the feeling of being upset which can't be hide by the camera. For the synopsis or recap of the episode, the tag below will be replaced later with the appropriate description or review of the episode so just return here if you are looking for that. [no synopsis / review / recap yet] Also, the replay of the Basketball Wives season 3 episode 3 will surely can be watched on or after its air date/time.

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  • S3Ep2:      

    Watch the 2nd episode of Basketball Wives season 3 which aired June 6, 2011 on VH1. It will be an episode of upset and sparks all over the casts of the reality show. On Basketball Wives season 3 episode 2, Royce Reed is so upset when she find out that Suzie Ketcham returned to the circle. Meanwhile, Meeka Claxton was taken by Tami Roman to a task to play both sides which results for sparks to happen. Suzie hang out with Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams that brings back old memories of their friendship. Now if you want the full episode replay of the Basketball Wives season 3 episode 2 online free and witness the great moments of the ladies with each other and how they cope with different issues with their former friends, husbands and colleagues, just check out the replay links and videos on the WATCH NOW button.

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  • S3Ep1:      

    Watch the pilot episode of the Baskeball Wives season 3 which aired May 30, 2011. Basketball Wives continues with the reality series featuring the real life story of the former and current partners of different basketball stars. Featured wives of the 3rd season are Shaunie O'Neal (ex-wife of NBA superstar Shaquille O

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Season 2

  • S2Ep13:   3/14/2011   

    The cast reunion for the second season concludes

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  • S2Ep12:   3/13/2011   

    Part 1 of 2. A second-season cast reunion, hosted by John Salley

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  • S2Ep11:   3/6/2011   

    Evelyn visits Chad in Cincinnati, where they hit it off quickly. Jennifer is disturbed when Evelyn announces that she slept with Chad in Cincinnati. Suzie and Gloria have drinks with LA-based basketball wives Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest) and Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie). Jen celebrates her birthday and the release of her lip gloss line. Tensions between Tami and Evelyn reach a boiling point at Jen's birthday party with the revelation that Evelyn dated Tami's ex-husband Kenny while they were still married.

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  • S2Ep10:   2/27/2011   
  • S2Ep9:   2/20/2011   

    The ladies' trip to Madrid winds down. Jennifer continues to be upset over her marriage issues. Shaunie calls out Royce for her continued bad mood while on the trip. Royce tells the group that Suzie said some negative things about Tami. Upon returning to the States, Tami confronts Suzie. Jennifer and Evelyn are surprised at Dulce when Ashley shows up with her boyfriend, Rafer Alston.

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  • S2Ep8:   2/13/2011   

    The ladies travel to Madrid. Royce is mysteriously ill and is cranky during the trip, which annoys Shaunie and the others. Tami becomes irritable after a perceived slight by Evelyn, and the two argue about it. Jen makes a potential love connection. The ladies attend fashion week activities.

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  • S2Ep7:   1/30/2011   

    The girls find out that Gloria's fiance was arrested on domestic violence charges, and Suzie talks to Gloria about it. Evelyn receives gifts from Chad Ochocinco and makes plans to meet up with him in Cincinnati. Evelyn spends quality time with her daughter, Shaniece. Shaunie surprises the girls with a trip to Madrid.

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  • S2Ep6:   1/23/2011   

    Evelyn is back on the dating scene with a date that ends with a miss... and then one with a kiss. Royce carries a chip on her shoulder over Evelyn, Jen, and Suzie bailing on her event, and the tension between Jen & Eric reaches a new mark.

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  • S2Ep5:   1/16/2011   

    Dwayne with a fashion fundraiser. Also, Tami has some surgery done, helping her to lose pounds and setting the stage to gain a friend. Evelyn and Jen regret volunteering to help Royce and her man.

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  • S2Ep4:   1/9/2011   

    When Evelyn and Jen finds themselves left off the guest list of a posh fundraiser thrown by circle outsider Ashley Walker, they decide to crash the event. Tempers flare when Tami and Jen get into it over a seemingly innocuous remark.

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  • S2Ep3:   1/2/2011   

    Shaunie and the ladies launch a surprise ambush on Gloria to find out why her wedding was called off. Jen and Eric finally have "the talk" that will alter the course of their relationship forever.

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  • S2Ep2:   12/19/2010   

    Fallout over Suzie and Evelyn's argument has Suzie on the run to an unexpected source....GLORIA! Also, Tami reintroduces her daughters to father Kenny Anderson after many years apart.

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  • S2Ep1:   12/12/2010   

    In the sizzling season two premiere, Evelyn draws the line with Susie over unchecked gossip about a hot weekend in Vegas. Also, Shaunie's attempt to bring Kenny Anderson's controversial ex, Tami, into the circle is met with skepticism. And just when you thought it couldn't get tenser, the episode ends with a shocking surprise.

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Season 1

  • S1Ep9:   6/20/2010   

    In "Basketball Wives: the Reunion," the cast returns to recap, reminisce, and revisit the remarkable premiere season. The soap opera continues as the women dish on the always dramatic, often outrageous, and sometimes hilarious events that captivated viewers across the nation. There is lots of laughter, some tears, and plenty of revealing talk as host Tanika Ray takes Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Royce, and Suzie down memory lane. But when a surprise guest shows up, even Tanika can't control the proceedings as residue from a past dispute "spills" out onto the reunion stage.

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  • S1Ep8:   5/30/2010   

    It's off to La-la land as Shaunie gives the girls a break from the Miami heat in her new hometown, Los Angeles. But all of them wind up in the hot seat during a season-ending dinner conversation that ends with almost everyone in tears. Will Jen decide to stand by her man or send him to the showers? Can Royce and Gloria get over themselves? Most importantly, has Shaunie really put her issues with Gloria aside?

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  • S1Ep7:   5/23/2010   

    Shaunie returns to Miami to check up on the girls, and galpal Erikka is surprised by lingering feelings when she's reunited with ex-boyfriend and professional basketball player, Rasual Butler. Also, Evelyn takes her troubles with menacing texts to the next level, hiring a private investigator to put an end to them once and for all!

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  • S1Ep6:   5/16/2010   

    en's upcoming Haiti benefit inspires Royce to invite the girls to make a difference on a personal level at a local soup kitchen, though Evelyn finds her motives suspect. Also, some unexpected tender moments with Eric and Jen further clouds her decision to stay married.

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  • S1Ep5:   5/9/2010   

    Suzie's efforts to fix newly-single Evelyn up with a local producer crashes with a thud, but not as fast as the relationship between Royce and Gloria once Royce finds out Gloria's been talking about her behind her back. Evelyn enrolls the girls into a self defense class after one too many groupie run-ins. Fireworks ensue when Gloria and Royce step into the ring and quickly take this self-defense class into an offensive direction!

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  • S1Ep4:   5/2/2010   

    Emotions get heated and things quickly take an ugly turn when Gloria defends her sister's role in an alleged scandal involving Shaunie. Meanwhile, Jen and Eric look to solve their marital issues with a new luxury home. Finally, Suzie, Jen, and Royce make a splash when a second run-in with a model turns into an all-out fight on the streets of upscale Miami!

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  • S1Ep3:   4/25/2010   

    Evelyn and Jen leave Miami to visit basketball fianc

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  • S1Ep1:   4/11/2014   

    Fresh off her highly publicized filing for divorce from megastar basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie O'Neal returns to Miami for a night out with fellow basketball wives and girlfriends Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Gloria Govan, and Royce Reed. The women catch up and dish dirt over dinner and dancing as Shaunie and Gloria struggle to put recent drama behind them. Later, former Miami/Orlando dancer Royce gets out of control during a dance contest at a Terrell Owens/Ludacris pool party, creating a fresh internet scandal of her own and dragging Jen, Evelyn, and Miami social queen Suzie down with her.

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