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Season 2

  • S2Ep16: The Natural Grip, Titin, Q-Flex  6/3/2016   

    While sales for 13-year-old Andrea Cao's massage product, Q-Flex, have increased since Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban invested in the company during season six, Q-Flex is still working out of Andrea's garage in San Luis Obispo, California. Hopefully, a visit from Barbara will help Andrea craft a plan to support Q-Flex's growth.

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  • S2Ep15: TBA  5/20/2016   16

    Kevin O'Leary can't believe Sara and Josh Margulis from Sebastopol, California, of season six, want to make an extremely risky business model change to Honeyfund, their online honeymoon crowdfunding site. In hopes of avoiding disaster, Kevin sets up a meeting with Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington for a possible partnership.Lori Greiner stops by the new Gainesville, Florida, showroom of Cordaroy's, beanbag chairs that turn into a bed. She has some key advice on packaging as well as a surprise for the season four chair designer, Byron Young.Barbara Corcoran's very first deal in the Tank helped Washington D.C.'s Heath Hall and Brett Thompson grow Pork Barrel BBQ spice rub into a national brand. But barbeque is a seasonal industry, so the two successful entrepreneurs created a new product that could be a culinary hit, but they must first get government approval.

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  • S2Ep14: Breathometer, Bombas, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, Hoppy Paws  5/13/2016   18

    When all five Sharks invested $1 million in season five in the mobile phone breathalyzer, Breathometer, Charles Michael Yim, from Burlingame, California made, "Shark Tank" history. But now, the Sharks question why the current $50 million value of Breathometer is only good on paper, and a dissatisfied Kevin O'Leary checks in with Michael for answers.In season six, Daymond John made a deal with New York City's Randy Goldberg and David Heath and Bombas, a sock business with a social mission. Although the business is doing great online, the duo question if their limited managerial skills and competition from market giants will hinder their growth potential.Since Mark Peterson's season six appearance, his sales increased three-fold in the gold panning kit, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. But Robert Herjavec thinks Mark is possibly missing an opportunity for further growth since he's failed to create a solid social media presence.Barbara Corcoran invested in season six in the seasonal decoration kits, Hoppy Paws, created by Trina Barkouras from Costa Mesa, California. Trina has been spending her time creating new products, but Barbara has solid reasons as to why that business strategy is not a good one.

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  • S2Ep13: Mensch on a Bench, Mango Mango Preserves, Toygaroo, Aqua Vault  5/6/2016   16

    Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec were won over by Neal Hoffman in season six with his flagship plush toy, Mensch On A Bench. But they are concerned the Madeira, Ohio's, entrepreneur's desire to market too many products under the "Mensch" umbrella will dilute the brand.Although Lakesha Brown-Renfro, Tanecia Willis and Nzinga Teule-Hekima impressed the Sharks in season five with their Mango Mango Preserves, they didn't land a Shark to help them acquire a production facility. Down but not out, they get unexpected help from their hometown of Hampton, Virginia.An ecstatic Nikki Pope from Fulshear, Texas made a deal with Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban in season two for Toygaroo, her monthly toy rental service. But things didn't go as planned.Rob Peck, Avin Samtani and Jonathan Kinas from Miami Beach, Florida, made a deal in season six with Daymond John for Aqua Vault, a portable safe to secure valuables while in recreational areas. But they are feeling the financial downside of entrepreneurship and hope Daymond will float them so a deal with a major waterpark can be made.

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  • S2Ep12: Bon Affair, Mission Belt, Floating Mug  5/3/2016   7

    Mark Cuban encourages Jayla Siciliano, as the hard-working, Solana Beach, California, entrepreneur from season five searches for the right winery to partner with for her Bon Affair wine spritzers. Daymond John visits Nate Holzapfel in Provo, Utah, and delivers some tough love to this natural-born salesman about expanding Mission Belt, a business he pitched during season four that put a new twist on a common accessory – a belt with no holes. Tiggs Chirigua from Mooresville, North Carolina, was heartbroken when he didn't get a deal in season six for the Floating Mug, his elegant and functional porcelain coffee mug. Tiggs is taken aback when Lori Greiner makes an offer to invest in his company. Will he accept, or go home again without a deal?

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  • S2Ep11: Pipcorn, Pursecase, Pittmoss  4/26/2016   15

    Mark Cuban made a deal in season six with Mont Handley from Ambridge, Pennsylvania for Pittmoss, an organic alternative to peat moss. Since the product is not yet available for the consumer market, Mont hopes Mark can give him tips on how to make a meeting with an international plant brand go smoothly.

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  • S2Ep10: Hamboards, Original Runner, RuckPack  4/19/2016   
  • S2Ep9: Episode 7  4/12/2016   12
  • S2Ep8: Episode 8  4/5/2016   
  • S2Ep7: Episode 7  3/29/2016   
  • S2Ep6: Episode 6  2/4/2016   6
  • S2Ep5: Episode 5  1/28/2016   20

    Lori Greiner meets with the duo behind Season 6's Squatty Potty, whose orders soared to $3 million. Mark Cuban checks in with the Tower Paddle Board business from Season 3. Kevin O'Leary hears ideas for expansion from Wicked Good Cupcakes. Robert Herjavec's Season 1 investment in Grill Charms has had great success, while trying to find balance between one's personal life and running a business.

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  • S2Ep4: Episode 4  10/20/2015   7
  • S2Ep3: Episode 3: Paintbrush Cover, Lollacup, Liz Lovely  1/14/2016   7

    Lori Greiner checks in on her investment of The Paintbrush Cover, a convenient way to store wet paintbrushes from Season Five. She throws a curveball into their attempts to take their business to the next level. Robert Herjavec meets with the couple who invented the Lollacup - an innovative sippy cup from Season Three - to understand why their sales have stalled and how they can be re-ignited. And despite not getting an investment from the Sharks in Season Four, a brand of gluten-free cookies still finds success.

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  • S2Ep2: Episode 2  10/6/2015   8

    The mother-son duo behind Squatty Potty; Mark Cuban worries that the creator of Tower Paddle may be getting ahead of himself; an expansion presentation from Wicked Good Cupcakes.

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  • S2Ep1: Episode 1  9/29/2015   

    The team behind a boxed wine aimed at millennials must prove that it can attract new customers; an indoor/outdoor play and party space for kids needs to grow; advice for the team behind a subscription gift service.

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Season 1

  • S1Ep3: Episode 3  5/15/2015   

    Robert Herjavec travels to Dothan, Ala., to check up on the Chord Buddy founder as he faces a decision that will determine the company's survival, Lori Greiner tries to convince Brooklyn-based Bantam Bagels to make a name change, and Barbara Corcoran reevaluates her investment in Mix Bikini.

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  • S1Ep2: Episode 2  5/8/2015   

    Kevin O'Leary worries about his investment in the New York-based gourmet food delivery service Plated, Mark Cuban opposes the owners of the Red Dress Boutique building a new Web site, and Barbara Corcoran strategizes how to keep Ryan's Ruffery on track.

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  • S1Ep1: Episode 1  5/1/2015   

    The Tipsy Elves from Season 5 receive guidance from Robert Herjavec and Daymond John has second thoughts about investing in Deboned Baby Back Ribs. Also: an update from a Virginia teenager who did not receive a deal for his fruit-infused water bottles.

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