Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 39 – BB16, Day 38 Highlights

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Watch Big Brother UK season 17 episode 39 online. Emma returns to present tonight’s live eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Marc runs around the garden screeching and annoying some of the housemates. Helen talks to Big Brother about Cristian. The housemates are in the garden where they find out about today’s task. Earlier, the Time Warp Housemates were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their fellow housemates. The statements are read out by Big Brother and once the housemates hear a statement relating to them, they must guess which Time Warp Housemate said it and pour a mystery bucket of gloop over the accused. Cristian gets his own back on Marc for something he said about him and he then argues with Helen. Cristian and Jade talk about their argument last night. Joel doesn’t like the change in Cristian. Marc is in the living area with some of the housemates where he tells them what Victor whispered to him. Helen and Danny fall out. Helen confronts the rest of the house after Joel becomes upset by a comment made to him. Big Brother calls Danny to the Diary Room and he is warned that he must control his behaviour. Jack feels let down by Joel. Marc manages to upset Chloe. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Jade is the eighth housemate to be evicted from the house. Jade leaves the house and chats to Emma about her time living in the house. Jade learns that she has to pick one housemate who will be automatically face this public’s vote. Jade selects Cristian as the housemates watch on. Cristian then learns that he will pick the next housemate to face the public vote.

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