Big Brother (US) Season 13 Episode 1 – Season 13 Premiere

Air Date : Jul 7 2011 | 90 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: The reality series, Big Brother (US version) return for another season which is on the 13th season already. In the season opener, 8 new house guests are introduced with three dynamic and notorious duos from previous seasons who will also become part of the “game” of the show.

Houseguests that are intordced on Big Brother Double Trouble season 13 are the music inventory manager from New Jersey Adam Poch (39), the model from Texas Cassi Colvin (26), a college student from California Dominic Briones (25), a writer from Philadelphia Kalia Booker (30), HR manager from Illinois Keith Henderson (32), legal file clerk from Illinois Lawon Exum (39), a VIP Cocktail Waitress from Florida Porsche Briggs (23), and an Outdoors Industry Executive from Ohio Shelly Moore (41).

The episode premieres Thursday night, July 7, 2011. We should expect ‘tons’ of catfights and drama on camera on the Big Brother house. BB host Julie Chen introduced the mysterious power “duos” of the season. Find out and know the houseguests much better by watching Big Brother season 13 episodes.

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