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List of Boomtowners episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep6: Boom or Bust  5/31/2015  

    Financial woes are hitting the Boomtowners hard, leading to major decisions that could have life-altering effects. For Chris, the CEO of Liberty, a downturn in oil prices leads to a risky gamble that could mean trouble for the company. Larysa and Haley start selling puppies to pay for their wedding. Ben pushes his lockbox invention to prove to his wife, and himself, that he can follow through on his dreams. And Sean faces a big choice when it looks like his own dream of being a full-time pastor could become a reality.

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  • S1Ep5: Shootin’ Blanks  5/24/2015  

    There's no such thing as "routine" when you live in the Bakken, where the work, the towns, and the people are constantly changing and not always for the better. Sidney police officer Alex and his drug-sniffing dog go on their round. The population explosion has also created a crime wave, one that has greatly affected him, Judge Mohr, and the entire town. Production specialist Scott struggles to keep the crude flowing.

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  • S1Ep4: Here Comes the Chaos  5/17/2015  

    The world's most advanced drilling rig is ready to go, but before Doug can put it to work, he has to get his newly assembled all-star team to work together first. Things aren't working so well for the Bakken's residents either. Tony's date with an old fling takes a strange turn, Deanna's visit from her in-laws becomes stressful, and Brooke's new online boutique business has a questionable future.

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  • S1Ep3: Closed Wednesdays  5/10/2015  

    When one of Liberty Oil's sites creates problems for a well nearby, the work stops and the frustration, and costs, begin to mount. Equally frustrated are Ben and Phoebe as they search for available childcare in their growing town. For Jennifer, it's skilled labor that's in short supply, forcing family and friends to come together to make her storybook wedding a reality. Haley and Larysa aren't so lucky. With no one to help out with their struggling trucking business, Haley comes up with a very risky plan, one that makes Larysa very nervous.

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  • S1Ep2: The Bakken Drag Race  5/3/2015  

    Pressure is the name of the game in the Bakken and everyone's feeling it in more ways than one. In the oilfields, mechanical issues have brought work to a grinding halt and Justin and other crew leaders are under the gun to find a solution. Meanwhile, new residents, such as pump inspector Tony Miller, struggle to find decent housing, while others, like trucker Haley Mindt and her fiancee, Larysa, just want to make a decent living in what has quickly become one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

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  • S1Ep1: Wake Up the Devil  4/26/2015  

    Meet some of the men and women from across America who have left their old lives behind for new opportunities in the oil-rich Bakken. The transition hasn't been easy. Follow trucker Ben Moorhead, whose 14-hour day begins at 2AM, and Pastor Sean Banks, who works in the oilfields to make ends meet. Life in this boomtown is no easier for longtime residents, as Judge Greg Mohr deals with a surging crime rate, and gun-toting Sandi Beagle Angel tries to preserve the land she loves.

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