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Season 6

Season 3

  • S3Ep13: Master Bedroom In The Attic  4/28/2012  
  • S3Ep12: Master Bedroom In The Attic  4/28/2012  

    Relocating a couple's master bedroom to their attic becomes a challenge for Candice as she deals with sloped ceilings and non-existent closet space. Knowing the couple's love for travel, Candice aims to create a room that has the luxurious qualities of a boutique hotel - both beautiful and functional. With the help of her team Candice manages to take this room from painfully awkward to jaw-dropping gorgeous.

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  • S3Ep11: Versatile Family and Sports Room  4/21/2012  

    With most of their kids in university, it's time for one couple to reclaim their basement and establish a versatile family room and 'sports lounge'. But one of the kids has special needs, so Candice must draw up a design that is also wheelchair accessible. She takes special consideration when designing the layout and selecting everything from flooring to furnishings. The final result is an exciting, sporty space that works for the entire family.

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  • S3Ep10: Glam Party Parlor  4/14/2012  

    Candice designs the ultimate 'party parlor' for a couple that love to entertain - but with their first child on the way, she's is under the gun to get the job done. Without a moment to spare, Candice delivers a glam and glitzy area for entertaining their friends and family, yet also serve as a traditional living and dining room when they so desire.

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  • S3Ep9: Family Focused Basement Space  4/7/2012  

    A growing family's basement has become a veritable dumping ground for junk, storage and hand-me-down furniture. Candice tackles this disaster zone and replaces it with a gorgeous family room that's not only stylish, but kid-friendly and will always meets this family's changing needs.

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  • S3Ep8: The Trouble With Turrets  3/31/2012  

    A Victorian home is charming and unique, but presents huge design challenges for Candice as she tackles a couple's cramped turret bedroom, which also serves as their office and media room. Dipping into her design tool kit, Candice transforms this unusual space into a dazzling multi-functional room that serves the present, while celebrating the past.

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  • S3Ep7: Bathing Beauty  3/24/2012  

    A master en suite needs to make a statement, and this couple has no idea where to start. With loads of dead space between the existing bedroom and bathroom, Candice needs to make sense of this calamitous layout. Taking her inspiration from the great outdoors, she sources natural materials like barn board, stone and quartz. The result is a stunning, elegant en suite that offers a beautiful blend of contemporary design with rustic, warm accents.

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  • S3Ep6: Flexible Living  3/10/2012  

    When a couple moves from a starter home, to their substantially larger dream home, they realize they sorely lack any clearly defined style. The new home is filled with mismatched furniture and is not a comfortable place to host family and friends. With a lot of ground to cover, Candice helps them stretch their design budget, and creates a living room that's flexible enough to work for large family events, but which still feels warm and intimate for two.

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  • S3Ep5: Kitchens That Floor You  3/3/2012  

    Kitchens are often the 'hub' of a household, so they need to be functional, versatile and inclusive. Candice is faced with a dysfunctional main floor layout and a cramped kitchen and that has a family of four falling over each other at mealtime. By reconfiguring the layout and choosing the right flooring, Candice unifies the space, creating a natural flow between adjoining rooms. By adding some much needed counter space and clever storage, Candice delivers this family's dream kitchen.

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  • S3Ep4: At Home In A Home Office  2/25/2012  

    Candice tackles a home office for a couple that needs to share a workspace, but definitely don't share each other's taste. She converts a chaotic room, filled with clutter and void of style, into a highly functional yet stylish office that comfortably accommodates both partners. As an added bonus, this sleek new space doubles as an after-hours retreat for this hard-working couple.

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  • S3Ep3: The Art Of The Update  2/18/2012  

    A couple has very different ideas on how to deal with their formal den. A throwback to the 80s it sports horrendous flowery sofas and bright coral walls. Candice overhauls this unused, abandoned space and updates it into an inviting room for the entire family. By using classic design principles, Candice delivers a room that is timeless and welcoming.

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  • S3Ep2: Old Home, Modern Tech  2/11/2012  

    Candice rises to the challenge of bringing a one hundred year-old house into the 21st century. She takes a family's cramped living room and creates an elegant space that can accommodate a myriad of electronics, from televisions and stereos to gaming consoles - without losing the traditional character, warmth and charm of the original architecture.

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  • S3Ep1: Lofty Kitchen Design  2/4/2012  

    A young couple is admittedly design-challenged, with no idea how to make the most of their converted factory loft. To complicate matters, the plumbing is exposed and disturbingly loud! Candice takes their non-functioning, open concept loft kitchen and transforms it into a chic urban industrial space that is perfect for two young professionals who love to entertain.

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