Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 10 – Series 17 – Day 7 Highlights, Jonathan Walks

Air Date : Jan 12 2016 | 56 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the past 24 hours in the house. Angie Bowie is told off-camera about the death of her ex-husband David Bowie. She decides she wants to remain in the house. Big Brother calls David and John to the diary room to help Angie recover from the shock and return to the house. Upon Angie’s wishes, David and John tell her they won’t tell any of the other housemates. Later Angie and Tiffany are in the kitchen. Tiffany can tell something is up with Angie, so asks her. Angie tells Tiffany that David is dead, Tiffany flies off the handle as she thinks that Angie means David Gest. The other housemates are still unaware that David Bowie has died and so for a second believe that Angie is the one in the wrong. When it becomes apparent that Angie meant David Bowie, the other housemates rally around Angie to help her cope with her loss. However Tiffany refuses to back down and see that she is in fact the one in the wrong. The drama gets too much for the other housemates who suggest to Tiffany that she should leave, but she refuses. Jonathan decides he wants to leave the house, so he says his goodbyes and leaves through the diary room.

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