Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 12 – Series 17 – Day 8 Highlights

Air Date : Jan 13 2016 | 55 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17 episode 12 online. Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the past 24 hours in the house. The housemates start this week’s shopping task. Half of the housemates become puppets to the other half who become the puppet masters. The puppets have a strict diet change and must do as they are told by their masters. The task becomes too much for some housemates as the day goes on. John and Tiffany clear the air after yesterday. David feels unwell so sits out of most of the days activities, however once he returns then John is told he has to do his face-to-face nominations. John nominates Angie and Darren. Darren is shocked by John’s nomination and the reasons for his nomination. Big Brother reveals that this week Angie, Gemma, Jeremy, Nancy and Stephanie are facing eviction from the house. Megan has a meltdown over how hungry she is.

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