Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 28 – Series 17 – Day 21 Highlights & Live Eviction #5, Gillian Enters

Air Date : Jan 26 2016 | 43 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17 episode 28 online. Danniella reminds Jeremy that Stephanie has a boyfriend on the outside and that he needs to watch what he’s doing. Jeremy tries making up with Stephanie. John is set a secret mission in which he has to try and get the other housemates to compliment him five times. He is unaware however that the housemates are in on the secret and the real secret mission is to not compliment John at all. The other housemates successfully pass with John remaining unaware that he was duped until Big Brother reveals it to him. Emma reveals that Christopher is the next housemate to be evicted from the house, she talks to him about his time in the house. Gillian McKeith enters the Big Brother house as part of this week’s task and selects Stephanie, Scotty, John and Tiffany as the most toxic housemates.

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